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Monday, 20 October 2008

Continuation of today's post.....

These are the items I had mentioned earlier in my post. See how well the tray matches the teapot and egg cups? It's as though they were made for each other.

This is the stereo cabinet which I painted and distressed from a dark brown wood colour.

The mantle which I had specially made. It had been a dark walnut stain in the beginning which I changed to white.

And finally the little distressed table in the corner of the living room.

Sharing some of my treasures....

I would like to take you on a little tour of some of my treasures.

Should I paint this shelf white?

Dishes above the dining room window.

Some of the red toile and Rose Chintz dishes which I collect. Some of the Rose Chintz was given to me by my aunt and some of it I got on eBay.

Do you remember the little white china tray I bought at the tea room in New Glasgow? Here it is with a little teapot I also got.

Remember I said I didn't know what I was going to do with the tray? Well, I went to English Butler and found these egg cups which are a perfect match to the tray.
Now I have a place to keep my egg cups when my youngest son comes home from university.
He likes his egg in an egg cup, as do I.

I also found a spaghetti holder and tea-for-one that match the egg cups. They look smashing on the kitchen counter! The teapot has a decorative border around the bottom of the pot which matches the little tray and egg cups. Sorry, I should have taken a picture to show you.

Well, that's the tour for today....thanks for coming along!
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